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Mark 26th April 2012 (British)

I reccommend it

Muy bien situada. El trato fue fantástico.

Florian 16th April 2012 (Italy)

Very good

Mi profesora fue Betsabé. Excelente, resolvia todas las dudas de una manera muy sencilla y nos hacía practicar en clase.

Benjamin 30th March 2012 (France)


Everything was ok. Good instalations and nice teachers. I learnt a lot there.

Suzanna 18th March 2012 (Brasil)

I will repeat next year

I advanced one level last year thanks to their program. I it is clear that they are really professionals.

Hiroko 29th February 2012 (Japan)

Good teachers and treat

I did a lot of extra ativities with the teachers in wich I leant almost as in the class. They are kind and always are try we use the language in different situations..

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